International healthcare and insurance have evolved dramatically over the past decades given a strong growth in cross-border movement.


Medical providers often don’t have the resources available to understand the complexities of international claims healthcare and foreign insurance.


A variety of challenges hamper working relationships between the various stakeholders involved with international healthcare: the patient, the insurer, TPA’s, cost containment companies, medical providers and independent health professionals.


Language Barriers

Many foreign providers don’t have staff who operate fluently in English, complicating communication.

Differing Systems

Differing administration processes can affect international healthcare, for example, sending invoices without service/product itemization. Errors in documentation delay claim processing, frustrating all parties involved and damaging commercial relationships.

Medical Rates

Foreign providers often use pricing tiers based on the payer of the bill - foreign payers often receive higher rates.

Policy Misunderstanding

A lack of understanding regarding verification of benefits, explanation of benefits, letters of authorization and guarantee of payments create claim processing complications.

Unnecessary Services

International healthcare can result in the execution of unnecessary diagnostic services.

Amedical identified the need for an innovative service solution that facilitates understanding, communication, and competing interests between international healthcare stakeholders – we bridge the gap between insurers and medical providers in Latin America, guaranteeing positive outcomes for all parties involved: the insurer, the provider, and the patient.”


Balanced Facilitator & Intermediary

We simultaneously understand the requirements of our clients and the capabilities of our network.

We sit between the healthcare provider and the insurer, facilitating communication, correspondence and documentation.

Local Support

Our 24/7 back office service center work directly with the healthcare provider and the insurer.

From admission or treatment preparation, we work directly with the respective provider to expedite the claims process.

Preferential Rates

We have close relationships with all the providers in our network; as such, we have an in-depth understanding of fee structures and pricing tiers.

We ensure billing integrity and guarantee preferential rates to our clients, allowing for concrete savings on health and medical expenses.

Real-Time Access To Information

Our innovative platform ensures that PHI and financial information is communicated securely and in compliance with regulatory standards (HIPAA, GDPR etc.).

Our platform provides real time access to all relevant information for the relevant and authorized parties involved.


Our bi-lingual team provides the full suite of international insurance claim management services to compliment your billing department, including:

Claim reviews

Meticulous claim reviews - cross-reference services rendered with coverage, medical necessity, duplicate charges, date errors, etc.

Comprehensive audit

Every claim is audited, ensuring transparency and a fair outcome.

Billing and coding

Our claim team bills using updated US coding (UB-04, CPT, and ICD-10)

Claim processing

We can process medical claims using CMS 1500 and UB-04 forms.

Benefits Verification, GOP & EOB

We assist with VOBs, issuance of GOPs, sending out of claim forms, and sending finalized EOBs to providers and members.


We can make payments in local currency on the insurer’s behalf, facilitating the provision of cashless services.

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