There is an extensive market of foreign nationals abroad such as expatriates, retirees, students, or tourists, most of whom have foreign health, expat or travel insurance policies. As such, there is a great financial benefit for medical providers that accept these insurance policies, as opposed to treating the patients privately.

Did you know that in 2022, Mexico had 38.2 million tourist arrivals, Colombia 4.5 million tourist arrivals, Costa Rica 2.4 million tourist arrivals and Peru 2 million tourist arrivals?

Accept Foreign Insurance

The difficulty in establishing and managing relationships with foreign insurers can result in operational and financial complications. With many stakeholders involved in international healthcare, having one channel for all correspondence can free up time and resources, save costs and improve efficiency.

Grow Patient Base

Amedical connects patients through their respective insurers with foreign medical providers: hospitals, clinics, medical institutions, and physicians.

Receive Local Support

Amedical complements in-house billing departments and international offices, allowing for the acceptance of a wider range of foreign patients and insurance, without the financial risks involved.
Are you interested in accepting a broader range of foreign patients and insurance?

We offer the Amedical alternative....

How does it work?

Amedical acts as your international claims partner in representation of foreign insurers.

We connect patients abroad with foreign medical providers and manage the administrative aspects of insurance claims in addition to ensuring the prompt settlement and collection of payments for invoices.

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